Founded in 2008 by Paul Brady, an industry leading advocate and confidant for the independent dealer channel in the document centric, and adjacent IT and managed services arenas in Australia.

Driven by a unique understanding and commitment to the industry spanning over 40 years of market leadership and development experience, Business Enabled works with the leading industry partners and resources from around the globe, ensuring that every advantage we could bring to independent dealers in Australia was available to assist with their ongoing interests and success.

Today, Business Enabled is a proven and highly trusted industry services resource, empowering dealers throughout key areas of their business development and opportunity.

We focus our services across four areas:

SalesForce Automation

Industry specific Sales Force Automation to build sales advantage and increase owner equity in their businesses through superior levels of market visibility, sales process, sales management, and controls.

Market Insights

The Provision of research and information services that empowers dealers with leading Market Insights, Trends, and Advisory Services.

Consulting Services

Consulting, Coaching, and Mentoring Services to assist owners with strategic planning and execution, and their team members with the ongoing training, coaching and mentoring necessary to continue to develop their skill sets in step with constantly changing business needs.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisition Services that assists dealers either looking to sell their business and realise the best possible return, or growth-oriented dealers looking to strategically acquire and expand their operations and services in both traditional and adjacency areas.

We are your industry's confidant

  • A majority of Australian independent dealerships and OEM suppliers have benefited from our services either indirectly, directly, via our education and events, or as part of their wider vendor and industry activities.
  • Our partnerships with experienced and knowledgeable international organisations are crucial to maintaining the momentum required to keep abreast of the fast-paced and evolving nature of the industry

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