Advanced on-site Sales Training Workshops, specifically designed for our Sherpa Customers.

This hybrid program delivered face to face in your dealership with your team, combines our market-leading ‘Advanced Selling Skills Workshops’ with how to better utilise and leverage the capabilities of your Sherpa sales platform.
For more than a decade now, we’ve been helping dealers and their sales teams transform the sales approach and execute more effectively in our changing industry.

The wealth of experience we’ve gained working with your sales teams in our transformational sales workshops have helped strengthen hundreds of salespeople, and scores of dealerships to not only sell more of your traditional copier / MFD solutions, but also understand how to optimise the opportunities with advanced managed print services, workflow, and document management areas, as well as bridge the gaps for those moving into managed network services sales.

We’ve also helped over 60 independent dealerships here in Australia, to implement and leverage their Compass ‘Sherpa’ sales force platforms to build advantage and increased owners’ equity into their dealerships.

One consistent request we’ve received from Sherpa clients that have had their systems in place for a period, is if we could come back in and help their sales people to better engage with, and to more fully utilise the benefits that Sherpa offers.

By nature, sales people won’t always take a disciplined approach towards practices they are being asked to follow by management. They will normally however, eagerly engage with new ideas and better ways of selling that will help them improve their performance and make more money.

This is the secret. Combine helping them engage better with Sherpa, and helping them to increase their sales performance overall.

Typically, we’ll start with how to leverage Sherpa features more effectively throughout the sales process stages and how that can help them see and sell more, and then we’ll move into strategic sales skills training, and it’s in the linking of the two areas together that you see the light bulb moment that engages the reps and helps shift their focus to drive the success you are looking to find.

If this advanced, ‘industry-specific’ on-site sales training workshop conducted in your dealership, and designed specifically for Sherpa users sounds like the type of intervention that just might help you to help your sales team change gear and move to the next level, simply reply with a note and I’ll personally set up a call to discuss in more detail together.

Not yet using Sherpa in your dealership and would like to find out more about why with over 15,000 users Sherpa is the global leader in sales force automation systems for the office equipment and technology services dealer environment.

Contact us and we’ll be glad to have that discussion as well.