When: Wednesday 29th April - 11.30 AM AEST

One way or another every dealer will exit their business at some point, and the importance of having an exit strategy cannot be overstated.

Understanding which levers will build the overall strength and value of your business today, determining the best path for you from a host of options including an outright sale, merger, or internal succession is key, as is being well prepared and deliberate in your timing.

Your ideal outcome will be a result of careful preparation and can often take 2-5 years to manage successfully, so the earlier you begin that planning, the more likely you will exit under the circumstances you would prefer.

Listen in to this recording of our presentation from Jim Kahrs of US-based Prosperity Plus.

Jim is one of the foremost mergers and acquisition experts in our industry having personally overseen over 260 valuations, merger, and acquisition transactions for dealers in the dynamic US market.

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