With mounting interest in understanding the future of our industry and the impact of COVID-19 on print volume, Business Enabled’s strategic partner Keypoint Intelligence, has updated their model to reflect changes we’ve seen since the impact of covid 19.

The underlying data is built up by analyzing 20 vertical industry sectors. We assume that each sector is variously impacted from job losses and working from home. We also assume that each sector will have varying rates of recovery as the economy reopens.

We expect the office environment to see a drastic 30 percent decline in printing for 2020 and 2021 does not see much recovery. Some of the decline is from industry job losses, but most will stem from former office workers working at home. At the same time, some of the pages lost in the office will re-emerge in homes as workers continue to try to do their jobs at home. While some pages will be lost forever, the home environment is expected to see a 130 percent increase in printing in 2020.

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