Sales Force Automation

Compass Sherpa is the document solution industry’s premier sales force automation and print management software. Dealerships utilising Sherpa typically continue to grow their profits and success, whilst their less advantaged industry counterparts continue to decline with their outdated and ineffective processes that are out of step with today’s needs for enabled sales professionals.

Compass Sales Solutions + Business Enabled = Your Sales Advantage

Since 2008, an exclusive relationship between Business Enabled and Compass Sales Solutions for the Australian market has helped over 45 of the leading Dealerships to outsell and outperform their competition using Compass Sherpa as their sales platform.

Created ‘By the Industry For the industry’

Over 13,000 users | Spanning 8 countries | A global leader | Ease of use | Functionality that sales professionals utilise on a daily basis

Sherpa integrates seamlessly with most familiar tools such as:
  • Outlook and Gmail
  • ICE
  • JIM 2
  • Connectwise
  • Hubspot
  • Evolved Office
  • FM Audit
  • Print Audit
Sherpa streamlines processes throughout all sales stages:
  • Tco analysis
  • Solution configuration
  • Bundling of services
  • Proposal generation
  • Sales paperwork
  • Finance and contract information

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