When: Wednesday 29th April - 11.30 AM AEST

Recent events have shifted the business plans of most companies. Whether you have seen a decrease in revenue or you have seen an increase and are trying to keep up with new demand, you need to adjust your goals and strategy so you don’t miss out on the economic rebound. The problem is how do you set goals in an environment of uncertainty?

To help answer that question, we asked Darrell Amy, a genuine business thought leader and author of the new book “Revenue Growth Engine” to join Business Enabled for a web class on June 16.

Building Your Revenue Growth Engine covers an up to date, contemporary model developed to help companies grow—especially companies that want to launch new areas like solutions or managed services.

In this webinar Darrell covers a new model for goal setting, how to adjust your ideal client profile, and the four key processes that need to be in place to accelerate growth.

Approximate duration is 40 minutes and the session outlines some sound suggestions for dealers looking to grow their businesses today

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