When: Wednesday 29th April - 11.30 AM AEST

Now is not business as usual. Sales professionals in our digital imaging and technology services industry have experienced a massive upheaval to their sales processes with social distancing. This current pandemic is an event that will soon pass, however, the business world has been jolted into making changes to the way that business is conducted that will remain with us in what will be the new norm. Now more than ever sales people need to lead.

Join print industry analyst and leading dealer services expert Paul Brady as we take a look at what will help you to thrive, rather than simply survive in a more digital world. linkedin.com/in/pbrady2

Key Takeaways You Will Get From This Webinar.

  • Ways to help close the distance between buyers and sellers
  • How to bring your insights and expertise to the fore and help your customers to think and act differently through the current disruption
  • Which levers to pull for sales effectiveness in what is the new norm

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